Healthy helpings of art and technology for growing minds

Healthy helpings of art and technology for growing minds

Field Trip: Artists Wanted in Long Island City

Field Trip: Artists Wanted in Long Island City

Hello My Name Is: Nigel Cooke

Hello My Name Is: Nigel Cooke


Current Issue: Fall 2012

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Warm-Up is celebrating its 15th anniversay at the MoMa PS1. The event introduces audiences to an array of different experimental electronic music and art. This year the event features a temporary urban landscape by HWKN called Wendy, the winning design of MoMA PS1’s 13th annual Young Architects Program. Warm Up draws from local New York […]

Photographer, Margeaux Walter uses a seamlessly manipulated combination of photographs, studio portraits (of herself in a multitude of disguises), as well as scale models to recreate scenes of modern American Life that highlights our technologically infused reality. As in her previous show, Crowded, Walter explores the ironic feelings of loneliness that can arise even when […]

  Frances Gallardo is a Multimedia artist who grew up in Puerto Rico, an island used to the visit of tropical storms. Inspired by Natural phenomena, a whole new series of delicate paper cutouts conform “Hurricanes.” Gallardo’s body of work portraits some of the storms that has affected the Carribbean. The viewer can almost see […]

“I want to build a spaceship!” “I want to build a castle!” “I want to build a self-adjusting robot-catapult that can measure its own accuracy using super-sonic and light sensors and launch on voice command using an audio sensor!” Middle school students at the New Tech School on 129th street in West Harlem can do […]

Moncler’s combination of futuristic nylon and high concept design fuses the most touchable, squeezable performance textiles with style and comfort. The Gamme Rouge collection for spring was crafted with materials on the cutting edge of textile design. The designs feature a synthetic interpretation of trends pulled directly from nature, technical fabric, and more classic fashion […]

Colombian artist, Marria Berrio presents us with the same magic and surrealism  in her continuation of the Dream collection she exhibited last spring in New York City. This time we encounter other surreal characters like her Sea of mermaids, a black madona, and a depiction of a woman who is both awake and asleep in the […]

NIGEL COOKE is a painter and sculptor from London, England.  His first paintings of the mid nineties featured lightning bolts striking bleak post apocalyptic landscapes as if history through art had collapsed.  Since that time, Nigel’s pictorial landscapes have followed a chronological re-emergence of symbols and stories as if art history had been lost for […]

ARTISTS WANTED 26-01 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, Queens   Artists Wanted is an organization that works to foster emerging artists by exposing them to new exhibition and networking possibilities through the web.  The democratic process of selection that Artists Wanted uses in combination with its endless stream of things to apply for and […]

FIGMENT 2012 New York Figment is a community based organization that puts on annual large scale events centered on participatory art.  Their focus is on fun and learning through participation and invention without the distractions of commercialism and musuemification.  Figment’s credo is distinct in that it talks about opposing spectatorship, creating a free place for […]

New Art Dealers Association New Art Dealers Association is an internationally based not for profit organization that invites galleries, curators and individuals to join a community of professionals striving to connect on a global common ground. Their goal is to celebrate the great art and critical thinking surrounding the growth in the art world […]

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